Auto-Out – Automatic Cooktop Fire Suppression

Auto-Out is a residential, automatic fire suppressor that offers protection for property and loved ones from cooking fires, the leading cause of home fires. This amazing, maintenance-free product offers a six-year service life and can help protect your investment from the danger of fire.

Kitchen fires are a common event. The combination of every day distractions, hot kitchen stove burners, and the grease laden environment of the kitchen, provides all the elements necessary for a fire. In fact, unattended cooking is the nation’s leading cause of residential fires.

Extinguishing fires quickly, before they can spread, is the best way to limit fire damage and keep your loved ones and properties safe. Testimonies from around the country praise the effectiveness of the Auto-Out:

“I am writing to say how fortunate we are to be an Auto-Out® customer. We just recently purchased Auto-Out automatic cooktop fire suppressors for all our apartment complexes. A week after we installed the units, one of the Auto-Out canisters extinguished a cooktop fire that could have cost us tens of thousands of dollars in damage not to mention possible injury or loss of life. Auto-Out has proven to be a sound investment in protecting our residents and our real estate investment.”

Mike Kucera, President of American Preservation Builders

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